Dedication to Craftmanship

Quality is the driving force behind everything we do at Dagmar. We are uncompromising and obsessive in crafting the finest furniture possible. This ethos connects us directly to the culture-defining designers and cabinetmakers of the 20th century whose work we care so deeply about.

By combining time-honoured traditions with modern technology we create future heirlooms that will stand the test of time. 

Respect for Tradition

Our background in fine furniture restoration gives us an intimate understanding of the methods that defined the golden era of Scandinavian design. Our restoration, development and upholstery workshops in London are staffed by a passionate and highly-skilled team with decades of combined experience.

The furniture in our collection starts its life in this unique environment before moving to carefully chosen factories in Denmark and Sweden. This approach guarantees authenticity in our finished pieces whilst contributing to the rich tradition of Scandinavian furniture making.

The Finest Materials

Selecting the finest timber and upholstery materials is crucial to our process. We work strictly with the high quality hardwoods from Europe and North America for our frames. This is essential to guaranteeing longevity and robustness in furniture designed for everyday use. 

All  of our designs are finished by hand with carefully developed processes to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Each piece will look and feel unique and will continue to age and gain character over time. Our furniture, if looked after correctly, will last for generations.

A Sustainable Approach

Our approach to sustainability is driven by a clear ambition to create furniture that will last for generations. This is achieved thanks to carefully developed processes in our cabinetmaking, upholstery and choice of materials.

Our Vintage Collection compliments our approach to manufacturing by extending the life of rare, original productions through careful restoration and sensitive reupholstery. This allows a continuous new audience of design enthusiasts to enjoy iconic Nordic furniture for years to come. By reviving these original pieces we simultaneously reduce the demand for new furniture and the natural resources required to make it.

Our Finishes

  • Oiled Oak

    The oak trees we select are slow-grown in Northern Europe to enhance the natural variety and strength of the timber. Our Danish oil finish is applied over several days for a deep, tactile and resilient finish.

  • Fumed Oak

    This is our signature darkened oak finish developed by our team in London. Fumed Oak is a rich, warm finish that will gain character over time and  perfectly compliments natural materials like wool fabric and sheepskin.

  • Oiled Walnut

    We use carefully selected American black walnut timber, known for its rich tone and grain pattern. Several layers of Danish oil are applied to bring out the natural beauty of the wood before it is sealed with natural shellac.

Featured Collection

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