Dagmar at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen

Dagmar at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen

This year we are excited to be exhibiting at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, the most significant annual design festival in Scandinavia. 3daysofdesign celebrates established and new design innovators in the industry.

For our debut exhibition Dagmar will showcase highlights from our collection including the new edition of the iconic Clam Chair by Arnold Madsen; a unique piece of Danish design history, brought back to life with painstaking attention to detail.

If you are planning to visit the festival, please pay us a visit at the address below:


4th Floor, Frederiksgade 1, 1265 Copenhagen

June 12 - 14 l 10am - 5pm


Event: Arnold Madsen's Clam Chair - Rebirth of an Icon

June 13th | 11am - 12pm 

Join us on Thursday 13th June at 11am as we welcome design journalist Kasper Foged who will interview Johna Møhring-Andersen about her father Arnold Madsen’s life and work, including the creation of the iconic Clam Chair in 1944. 


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